Received call from 864-513-5042?

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Alternatives: 1-864-513-5042 | 864-513-5042 | (864) 513-5042

From Kentucky 5 days ago

I missed a call from this number. Instead of calling it back, I googled it. Based on these reports, I decided to block the number. Thanks for your advice.


Florida 6 days ago

CROOKS!!! Caller ID showed call was from Blacksburg, SC. Dunno anyone there. Never ever give out personal data unless you know for certain it is a valid need to know!!!


Anonymous 8 days ago

Just got a call from this number, didn't answer. But I see here it's just another scammer. Added to auto reject.


Anonymous 11 days ago

got a call daily from this #. Installed a call blocker app now they call every morning and my phone doesn't ring them through. SPAM call asking for my credit card info to better help me. when I asked the caller who my card was through I got an F you and they hung up


Annoyed 11 days ago

Received a call from this number about 5 mins ago. Answered hello, no response on the other end. They hung up. I called back and call would not go through. Be careful


Anonymous 12 days ago

junk call


Anonymous 12 days ago

Called at 8:15 today, no message left. Assuming it's spam.


Anonymous 13 days ago

called my cell but wouldn't answer when I said hello, tried calling back but would not ring... how can this be?


Marc 14 days ago

Called with recorded message offering me reduced interest rates on my credit card debt. Stay on the line with these idiots and mess with their heads. Make it sound like you're old and gullible. Give them fake credit card names, numbers and nothing that they can use just to string them along. Have fun with it, though. It costs them time and money to keep them on the line.


Anonymous 14 days ago

Likewise, no message left. Likely a spammer!


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