Received call from 800-533-5125?

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Alternatives: 1-800-533-5125 | 800-533-5125 | (800) 533-5125

Anonymous 13 days ago

Caller states i applied for insurance which i did not.calls all day from different numbers


Anonymous 4 months ago

Health insurance company. Them and several other callers started calling at 2 pm today saying I applied for health insurance. Have received over 20 calls since >.< . I never even applied! IDK who put down my number but I dislike you VERY much right now!


Smartgrl 4 months ago

Thank God for Reverse Lookup. This number comes up as a 1 800 call from CORNISH HEIGHTS APTS. Who the hell sells insurance from such establishment!?


Anon 4 months ago

I received a phone call from this number this morning and when I answered I heard, "Don't make me f*ckinig b*tch slap you." and then they hung up. I called the number back and a woman answered the phone claiming they were calling about insurance.


super annoying8005335125 4 months ago

I received the call for more than 10 times!!!!! Even keep calling me everyday! I answered several of them, no body answering! Last time I wait 10 seconds to answer, a women's voice came: is this Maggie? I said no. She keep asking"this is not Maggie and you have called me for 10 times" She said "I did call you 10 times" and rudely handed up!!! Just block it!!! Where to report it?!!!!So annoying!!


Anonymous 5 months ago

I get calls everyday from this number. I don't even know why they continue to call me. If it is something about health insurance I am not interested. I don't know why they keep calling. I get leary when people like this call me because they can use my personal information for their own use. I would like to talk to them but there seems to be a moment of silence on the phone before they say anything. It is so frustrating and I would think that this kid of company would know better. I am not interested in talking to them. I have put them on my do not call list but it seems to not be working. They need to stop. This is not a way to run a business. They can be out of business real soon if they continue calling people frequently. It's time that they realize that they are taking advantage of people when they continue to call. Not a way to run a business. They need to think about what they are doing to people when they call repeatedly. You would think that if people are not interested they would cease. I wouldn't be surprised if they are taken to court for harassment.


Anonymous 5 months ago

I have received a couple of calls to my cell phone from the number 800-533-5125, no message is left and they hang up before I can answer my phone. I have a function on my cell phone to block the call so I hope that it works. I'm on the Do Not Call List so this is highly annoying to say the least.


Mac 5 months ago

These people call and say that they are calling in reference to an insurance application that I put in. I told them I have not put in an application for that.


unanimous sorry. 5 months ago

I have received up to 50 calls from 800-533-5125 and other Nationwide Insurance to sell health insurance. Every day I get calls. I answered once they want to sell me insurance or no message left. I told them to remove me from the call list. Thus doesn't work. A bunch of scammers repeat calls daily. How can I stop this. It's been a nightmare with the amount of calls non stop all day. Anyone know how to stop these callers?


Harry 5 months ago

This should be against the law. Definitely phone harassment. My wife has received calls from this number: 800-5335125 at least 5-8 times a day. No one answers.


Tim 8 months ago

I have been receiving calls from this number at least twice a day. I have answered a few times in the hopes of finding out who / what this is. No one ever answers! I just wish they would answer so I can give them a piece of my mind!


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