Received call from 567-252-5685?

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Alternatives: 1-567-252-5685 | 567-252-5685 | (567) 252-5685

Anonymous 8 days ago

Called an d told me I had a problem with my computer. I inquired as to which one of the 5 had the issue! I think you are lying Sir. Meanwhile in the background you can hear someone giving them instructions. They were trying to take remote access as t/the person wanted me to turn on my computer.


Anonymous 10 days ago

Just received a call from (567) 252-5685 , identified herself as being from Windows tech support telling me I have a problem with my computer. I figured they want one of two things, maybe both, either to wanna sell me something or to take remote access. Yeah right, wait for it.


Anonymous 10 days ago

It's the windows scam caller. MS has it listed on their website. Just hang up.


Anonymous 13 days ago

Foreign accented man wanted to talk about my laptop - which I do not have


Anonymous 13 days ago

Called my number today 01/10/2017 at 4:52pm PST Left no message. Most likely either a scammer or telemarketer; Recommendation? Do not answer!


Polo 15 days ago

Keeps calling but nobody on the other end when I answer


Anonymous 18 days ago

Called about eight times but did not leave a message. Each call was within minutes of the previous call. Probably scammers.


Anonymous 18 days ago

Said they wanted to help me search my computer to improve security. Seriously.


Anonymous 18 days ago

Called 11 times here today on my cell.


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