Received call from 343-765-5123?

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Alternatives: 1-343-765-5123 | 343-765-5123 | (343) 765-5123

Anonymous 13 days ago

Got two missed calls from this number. Didn't answer due to one if I don't answer random calls within the US why in the hell would I answer a phone call from Canada. Like I've never ever been there. So yea sounds like a spam caller to me. They can go f themselves !


Anonymous 18 days ago

He says hello hello in my answering machine!


Anonymous 18 days ago

I answered and said "take me off your list immediately" the person answered "why?" Then hung up...


Anonymous 19 days ago

No message left called me 3 times!!


Anonymous 2 months ago

Got woken up this morning by them. They say they are from The Windows technical Dept.


Anonymous 2 months ago

Caller stated I had a problem with Window software installed on my computer


Anonymous 2 months ago

apple computer SCAM


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