Received call from 224-970-1992?

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Alternatives: 1-224-970-1992 | 224-970-1992 | (224) 970-1992

Judy 7 days ago

They call me last year saying the same thing so I call the irs and they they didn't nor will they leave a message like how can we catch them....i was told that if I didn't pay the police will be knocking at my door...same message from last year.....please someone catch them


Anonymous 7 days ago

They have called me the times this morning. I'm going to block this number.


Ethan 7 days ago

Another annoying robocall trying to get me to buy health insurance


Anonymous 8 days ago

Called, left no voice message, been calling for over a week!


Anonymous 8 days ago

health Insurance company


Neva 10 days ago

I am getting calls from this number at all times and day. In message left and no answer when I call back. Very irritating


Anonymous 10 days ago

Repeated calls. Saying they are selling inssurance. Sooooo annoyed! Its been going on for bout 2 weeks.


David 13 days ago

I got a call from this SCAMMER trying to sell me some health insurance. She said she was located in Florida but the phone number is in Illinois . She wanted to know a lot of personal information so i lied about everything. I told her to write me a policy ......and I gave her some false credit card number from an expired credit card from 1986. The bank that issued the card went out of business 20 years ago . So that's how you scam a SCAMMER.


Anonymous 13 days ago

Calls repeaditively throughout the day and never leaves voicemails. Called it back a dtold me there was no one available to speak to.


Anonymous 13 days ago

They call me 2-3 times a day and never leave a voicemail so I decided to call it back and it tells me that there's no one available to speak to.


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