Received call from 08000 903853?

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Alternatives: +448000903853 | 08000903853 | 8000 903853

Anonymous 7 days ago

Pop up on my computer and blocked so rang this number 0800 0903853 and Erin sounded convincing so dialled in remotely and then transferred to Peter who asked for 245$. I then realised scam and said I would not pay it and he hung up. Called number back day laterasking them to identify themselves still saying Microsoft valid company. When pursued again hung up on me. Now computer is not safe.


Anonymous 14 days ago

Received a pop up which I couldn't get rid of. Got message and audio saying pc is blocked and call number which I did as was a bit scarred. As above ran script and they asked for £249 I said that's too much they said how much can you afford at which point hang on.. went on internet on phone saw this number and stopped there. Turned pc off got rid of window. Cancelled debit cards to be safe but seems like a scam to me


Anonymous 17 days ago

Yes this happened to me just now. So anyway I saw this message on my computer screen alerting me to ring this number. I was very hesitant as I was unsure, but I called them and an Indian man answers the phone.


Anonymous 24 days ago

we have investigated into these people as one of our staff received a pop-up from them we can confirm they are scammers here is the information from the call


Anonymous a month ago

Do not call this number!! A pop up came up on my computer and told me to call this number or my laptop would be locked with a virus. They tried to get me to allow them to remotely connect to my computer. He could not tell me his company name and got aggressive when I confronted him. He demanded I take him off loud speaker as he though I was with the police!. some back ally scam merchant!


Anonymous a month ago

Told me my computer was hacked. Deadly virus etc. Wondered what was best to do?


Anonymous a month ago

December 13 22.00pm


Anonymous 2 months ago

I immediatly searched this number on google when it came up. If i havent rang the number will they have any access to any of my personal details??


Anonymous 2 months ago

This is the 2nd time its happened to me. We removed the virus, changed passwords etc but it happened again about 10 days later. What a nightmare!


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